Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Our staff was called to the field of pediatric dentistry. We live up to certain standards, but the truth is, what matters most to us is meeting your standards. We do our best to ensure that parents are happy with the way their children are treated in our dental care office. Still, we want to tell you what pediatric dentistry is all about.

Pediatric Dentistry Means Preparedness

You can be sure that our Sandy dental specialists are ready because the risks are high. Recent statistics show that 42 percent of children between the ages of 2 to 11 have dental caries. There are many reasons why children are at risk of dental caries, and our pediatric dentists will teach you about those risks, which include:

Foods with processed sugars like high fructose

Sticky or starchy food that might become lodged between the teeth
Highly acidic foods that might strip away the enamel like sodas
Making sure that parents know what might put their child at risk is part of what we do. You can rest easy knowing that our dentists are prepared due to our extensive training. Our training includes the following:

A total of four years in dental school

Two years of residency training in dental care for infants, children, teens, and those with special needs. Most of our dentists also do a lot of individual work on their own because the dental industry is always taking steps forward, and we like to be on the edge of innovation.

The Kinds of Treatments Parents can Expect

You can expect a lot from our pediatric dentists. For one, children start growing teeth pretty early in their life. You can expect this growth within 6 months of a child being born. One of the things that our dentists will do for you is provide full infant oral exams. These exams help us evaluate the risk of cavities.

Education is also very important to us. You will learn what foods your child should be eating to fortify his or her teeth. This could include foods like apples, which have loads of malic acid, which helps increase salivation. Cauliflower is also something you should add to your child’s diet as it contains vitamin C, which is vital in the production of collagen that will help reinforce the gums.

Preventative dental care will be provided. This does include dental cleaning treatments and fluoride treatments. Fluoride helps reinforce the enamel, which is like a protective shield on the teeth. It is also the first line of defense against dental caries.

Our team will also talk to you about habit control. There are a number of habits that need to be monitored to make sure that they do not have a negative effect on your child’s overall oral health. This includes pacifier use or even thumb sucking. Both of these activities could lead to infection or even misaligned teeth. Our pediatric dentists will examine the growth pattern of your child’s teeth to ensure that misaligned bites are addressed before they get any worse.

Of course, all dental-related issues will be swiftly taken care of just as long as checkups are not ignored. Our oral care specialists are knowledgeable about dental ailments that are sometimes associated with other issues such as diabetes or even asthma. We will help you identify possible links early on so that you can take your child to a specialist.

These are just a few ways that our pediatric dentists can help you, but do not hesitate to call, or ask us about anything else you might be wondering about.

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